Trucking Company Factoring

Carrying large product inventory to service Transportation industry customers can create a cash flow problem. We can finance that inventory, along with the accounts receivable factoring, to reduce strain on daily cash flow.

Some businesses need to carry significant inventory to service customers or have seasonal purchasing that spike inventory balances. As these businesses know, that can create cash flow issues. Transfac can assist with that problem. Transfac works with Accounts Receivable customers to create a secondary funding pool based on cash flow needs and sales projections. While the inventory line is not meant to be a long term solution, it does give added liquidity to an organized company that can seize an opportunity.

Talk with us today to see if this would work in your situation. Transfac prides itself on customizing solutions for client needs. It is solutions like these where Transfac Capitals experience is the difference over other funding alternatives.

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