NASTC names its America’s Best Drivers team 2014

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The National Association of Small Trucking Companies named the 13 member drivers of its 2014 America’s Best Drivers team, among them independent owner-operator Richard Clapp, based in Villa Grove, Ill., with 46 years behind him and upward of 4 million accident free miles.

[related-post id="69088"/]The members of the groups represent, all told, 533 years of accident free experience and near 51 million miles. All honored during NASTC’s annual conference in Nashville, Tenn., are listed below. The group was set to enjoy a night at Grand Ole Opry, among other activities. The conference runs through midday Nov. 8.

Mark Theisen, Brenny Specialized, 47 years, 5 million miles
John Ciaravino, Cayenne Express, 35 years, 4.1 million miles
Larry Lister, Champion Transportation, 43 years, 5.6 million miles
Kermit Heaton, Chicago Xpress, 50 years, 5 million miles
Ronald Berg, Classic Bulk Carriers, 41 years, 4.8 million miles
Thomas Reid, Corriher Trucking, 39 years, 4.6 million miles
Mary Peterson Norton, Bob Erickson Trucking, 35 years, 3.7 million miles
Edward Harmer, Denis Gray Trucking, 40 years, 4 million miles
Wendell Firestone, Frerichs Freight Lines, 49 years, 4.7 million miles
Dan Kaddatz, Hull Transport, 50 years, 6 million miles
Richard Clapp, Richard Clapp Trucking, 46 years, 4 million miles
Gary VanHoosier, Robertson Williams Transport, 33 years, 4 million miles
Brian Goedeker, Waletich Corp., 25 years, 4 million miles

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