Good Deed: Rush-hour drivers give trucker a hand

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During afternoon rush hour a few weeks ago, my wife and I were heading north on Norcross Road toward Highway 153. Traffic was heavy in all directions.

As we stopped for a red light at the intersection of Ely Road, a large pickup truck traveling east stalled in the middle of the intersection. The driver, who was alone in his vehicle, stepped out to try to push his truck out of the way.

Within 60 seconds, four other men had left their vehicles to help. Another man walking nearby also joined the task, and the group quickly moved the stalled truck into an adjacent, convenience store parking lot.

The intersection was cleared in a very short time, the helpers returned to their cars and normal traffic flow resumed.

Another beauty of the moment was that not a single driver sounded his horn. I’m sorry I can’t give even one name of the kind souls involved.