Driver makes Truckers Against Trafficking message his own

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I’ve been working on some further reporting about the Truckers Against Trafficking organization lately — more and more, TAT seems to have gained traction among drivers, and plenty are hitting the issue head-on. Calls to the TAT hotline — 888-373-7888 — to report evidence of potential minors engaged in prostitution and/or evidence of pimp control out there have gotten more and more frequent, TAT reports, and conversation around the issue of domestic trafficking, typically a matter of coercion of young women into prostitution, is well on the rise.

Report suspected instances of trafficking via the Truckers Against Trafficking national hotline: 888-373-7888. Find TAT on Facebook here, and find much more about the organization via its website.

Report suspected instances of trafficking via the Truckers Against Trafficking national hotline: 888-373-7888. Find TAT on Facebook via this link, and find much more about the organization via its website.

And in addition to TAT’s own training materials and instructional videos of how to spot instances of trafficking and/or how to take anti-trafficking efforts on the road with you, some haulers have taken it upon themselves to create their own pleas for driver participation.

In addition to driver-songwriter Tony Justice, whose newest record spreads the TAT message via a promotional partnership, driver Timothy Coon, whose own video you’ll find below, is further evidence of that. “If you’re a driver and you have an ounce of empathy in your being, I strongly urge you to join Truckers Against Trafficking,” he says there. “Together, we can put a band-aid on this hole that is human trafficking.” His is a powerful statement in total. Give a listen to it below.

The latest vid from the Truckers Against Trafficking organization re-ups the outreach to the industry via an empathetic portrait of the victims of human trafficking and a clarion call against the dehumanizing “lot lizard” term.

Coon not only made the video here, but he went on to encourage his carrier to get involved, asking them to “train all their drivers on TAT materials,” asTAT reported on their Facebook page a couple months back. “And they said, YES! We are sending materials out immediately. This is the power of the individual trucker who takes the next step in being a TAT! Thank you!”

I know the Truckers Against Trafficking folks hope many others follow this example, in addition to those who’ve already gone that extra mile. If you’ve personally come around to TAT’s efforts and/or participated in them yourself, drop a note here in the comments.

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